Recording Gear


  Studer 269 - 16 channels of Swiss-made goodness with parametric EQ and compressors


  RADAR-6 - 24 track dedicated hard-disk recorder with amazing A/D and D/A

  AMPEX 351 - 1959 1/4" tape machine - all tube electronics

  MOTU 896 - 16 channel A/D interface for use with Digital Performer / Pro Tools

  Edirol 4-channel location/film recorder


  Telefunken U47 tube mic (1952)  -  Vocals as big as a house

  Neumann M49  tube mic (1949) (x2)

  Neumann U67 tube mic (1968)

  AKG C-24 stereo tube mic (1962) -- it's like having two C-12's - sounds awesome on drum overheads, piano, strings, vocals

  Neumann km-54 (x2)  -- fantastic small diaphragm tube mic - absolutely lovely on mandolin and acoustic guitar

  Neumann km-84 (x2)  

  Neumann km-85 (x2)  

  Altec m21 -- small diaphragm tube mic

  AKG C-414EB -- compact large diaphragm mic liberated from the sorely missed JAG studios

  AKG D-12 

  RCA 44BX (x2) -- Big-butt broadcast large-ribbon mic like no other

 RCA KU3A -- Directional large-ribbon mic - used for film and broadcast work

  RCA 77DX -- Smaller (but still quite righteous) broadcast ribbon mic

  RCA BK5A ribbon mic

  Altec 633 "salt shaker" omnidirectional mic

  Coles 4038 (x2) -- BBC ribbon mics

  Altec/Western Electric 639A "Birdcage" ribbon mic  (x2)

  Royer 121

  Royer SF-24 - modern phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone -- excellent on drum overheads, guitars, choirs

  Beyer m-160 (x2) 

  Shure sm57 (x2) 

  Shure sm58 (x2)

  Shure beta87 (x2) 

  Shure KSM32 (x2) 

  Shure "Green Bullet" harp mic

  Senheiser e609

  Senheiser MD-421

  ElectroVoice RE-20 (x2) 

  Neumann TLM-103  --  the mic they love to hate

  DPA 4061 (x2)  

Mic Pre-Amplifiers:

16 channels of Studer 269 console pre's

24 channels of ATI 8MX2 for remote/on-location recording/mixing

4 channels of API 512

4 channels of John Hardy M-1

2 channels of Neve 1084/31102 Pre/EQ

2 channels of Aurora GTQ2  (Neve clone)

8 channels of Aurora GTP8 (Neve clone)

2 channels of Phoenix DRS (Neve clone)

4 channels of Telefunken/Tab/Siemens v72 modules - 1950's German tube pre-amps

2 channels of Telefunken/Tab/Siemens v76 modules - 1950's German tube pre-amps -- big, wide, open, high-gain monsters


Teletronix LA-2A tube-based opto compressor (1967)  --  awesome on vocals

Gates Sta-Level tube compressor - amazing tube broadcast compressor

UREI LA-4 solid-state opto compressor

Neve 2254e compressor/limiter (x2)

DBX 165 "over easy" compressor (x2)

Empirical Labs Distressor

Crane Song Trakker

Telefunken/Tab/Siemens u73 Vari-Mu tube compressor (x2)

Toneluxe EQ4 (x2) 

Sphere 920 Graphic EQ (x6)

Great River EQ-2NV

ANT W695b EQ (x2)

Neumann W495 mastering EQ (x4)

Bricasti M7 Reverb unit

Kurzweil KSP-8 reverb unit

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo unit


Hammond B-3 organ w/ Leslie 122  (1965) 

National Steel Tricone Guitar - style#1  (1939)

National Steel Duolian Guitar

National Triplex Chord Changer Lap Steel

National amp - great for lap-steel / harp

1968 AMPEG Reverb-o-Jet amp -- with reverb and tremolo!

Silvertone Accordion 

Martin 00-18 guitar (1956)

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